Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the Commentary Isn't So Precious...

Weight loss is difficult enough without the commentary of others.  I have this annoying colleague (who I have never had the displeasure of working directly with), who feels much too comfortable saying inappropriate things to me concerning my weight.

She says certain things and then hides behind the veil of "cultural difference."  I almost cussed her out.  I know I probably should not be affected by people who mean less than zero, but damn it if I don't have feelings.  I think what made things worse is that my co-workers found it amusing.  I personally found it degrading.  She pretended as though she was complementing me by saying I look like "Precious."  Yeah, right.  Big I maybe, but I look nothing like Gabourney. (For the record, I think she's beautiful, but we look nothing alike.)

Enough already.

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  1. I happen to know EXACTLY what you mean. There's a choir director/musicologist here names Pat Bishop who was really big back in the day - and I mean BIG in every sense of the word. She was big in the society and music circles and she was huge, and people thought that it was somehow a compliment for me to be told that I looked like her. Hello???! It never was. We don't have the same structure, the same colouring - NOTHING!!! Our supposed resemblance began and ended in the fact that we were both big.

    I hate that shit! Like I always say girlfriend - drop her and her baggage at the foot of the cross and LEAVE HER THERE!