Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Leaning Tower of Pizza...

This week has been diabolical.  I ran into a bit of a tradgedy which rocked me to my core.  I have retreated inside the house, to the comfort of food and my four walls.  I got back to work on Thursday and promptly purchased a 96oz container of 7-eleven coffee.  I know damn well that this was WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE, but hell, after surviving a close call sexual violation, I feel myself slipping back to the girl I had been.  This girl was a purist in a whores clothes, she became all the things that hid the gentle heart, she was untouchable in the ways men longed to touch her.  Well I drank about half the container to keep me awake as I had not  slept all night.  I do not feel like eating properly, nor do I feel like counting or burning calories.  I reach home and prepare my son to journey to Queens alone for the 1st time.  I go to an event, then return back to the safety of my abode.  Today, I cannot stand the smell outside.  I am in need of comfort, but no one stops their lives to see about yours.  I dial the one number that I KNOW will answer...

Papa Johns.  My original intent is to eat max like 2 slices...yeah, right.  I'm done with the pie in 7 hours.  In 10 hours I have creamated the pizza, the wings (10) and 2 20oz. Sprites.  Today, I do not care.  Tomorrow is another day.  Today I want the pain to go away.

No recipe today guys, I do not feel like cooking.

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