Saturday, December 5, 2009


As it turns out, I have only been back in my office twice since I have been sent to different schools to work on the swine flu initiative. Before the craziness, I had my diet down pat in the way of plenty of water, sensible eating habits and weight management from my weight loss doctor.

Well you all know of the misfortune of the attack that I suffered a couple of weeks ago, and what transpired following was a series of unfortunate events…

There have been blatant violations… One of the many has been the fact that if it stayed still long enough I fried it. If I didn’t fry it, I sautéed it in butter and garlic…and didn’t care. I know…I suck! Anyway, the realization that I was probably going up in weight kept me from going to my doctor. I realize now that I have to make changes.

The fact that I am at a different school every other day, reeks. How do you have a balanced diet going from school to school? So today, December 5th, 2009…I change the pattern.



Water must become a staple…

Tonight I am eating water…

bottoms up!

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