Monday, January 27, 2014

Southern Comfort

I have to overhaul my entire way of eating.  I realize that my cooking expertise is a familial curse.  After cooking yesterday and tasting, (my taste buds inundated with what they've grown to label as delicious) I looked at my cuisine and labeled it diabetes in a pot.  God knows I want my health.  I deserve it even.

I purchased some index cards to begin to interview my characters for a book I am working on, but I began to write my truths.

I had to admit my finances suffer with a bout of anorexia.  They haven't been healthy for years.  I realize I am guilty of surrounding myself with people who take instead of giving.  I am always uplifting, never uplifted.

I take on the burdens of others to free myself from looking upon my own.  It has grown old.  I am staring my truth down.

I sat at my mother's counter on Sunday morning, watching how she carefully went about cooking her beef roast, candied yams, mac & cheese, and salad.  The smells in the kitchen danced through out and my mind began to wonder how my mother would cook a Mediterranean meal and how vast would her knowledge be of healthy foods to save her own life.

Today, I ate nothing.  I snuck a piece of skirt steak that I was cooking for my son and my husband yesterday.  This sent me on a vomit binge.  Today, I was to week and tired to even try to eat.  So, I close the night with water and veggies...  


  1. Consistent exercise has caused me to gain weight because my eating habits haven't changed. Fir years, the scale has gone in the wrong direction. I pray that God will help me gain control of what I put in my mouth.

  2. I concur. Hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise, we will be successful.