Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exorcize! (Does Running Away From the Gym Count?)

I am definately eating better.  I did not realize how much this blog would assit me in my food choices, but it has.  I was having a pity day yesterday (as a Piscean will often do) and decided I was going to eat what I wanted to.  Oh well.  I did get fried chicken wingettes, ate 4 and brought the rest home to my son.  Quite honestly, the vegan route is difficult and I am going to make the attempts to make the right choices.  I have to do more investigating for what works for my body, and I emplore you to DO THE SAME.

Since I do have PCOS, I realize I have to get my body back in order.  Randine Lewis, who is the author of the book I told you I am reading, has a site you should look into   Even if you don't have PCOS, she teaches on TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and ways of restoring balance back to your body.  Why should weight demise be any different?  Maybe applying the principles of what she teaches to what we are exorcizing will be what I need.

Speaking of exercise, you do know getting there - to the gym - is the battle I face.  I haven't been to the gym since the week before last and well my body feels the difference.  I have found 2 things I love the most at the gym: the eliptical and the treadmill.  I stayed away from the treadmill for a long time due to accidents I'd heard multiple friends had gotten into.  Well I am done with that.  No matter what time I get home tonight, I will find my way to the gym.  I have been exercising...sort of.  Lord knows, I have been running.  Away from the gym.  I know, I know...I'se going back!
Chicken Parmesan

8oz spagetti (cooked)

1 pkg Chicken-free Nuggets. (we used Health is Weath brand)

4-5 slices Mozzarella Alternative (We used Soymage)

Vegan Parmesian (Again, Soymage)

1 jar spagetti sauce

Unwrap and slice mozzarella into strips.

Bake nuggets according to directions on package. While they are cooking, cook spagetti according to directions.

When nuggets are done, cover with spagetti sauce. Liberally cover with parmesian. Arrange mozzarella strips in a cris-cross pattern on top of nuggets and sauce. Replace pan into oven and cook 3-5 mins or untill sauce is hot and cheeze gets a little melty.

Serve over spagetti.

Hint: This would work well with patties, but the nuggets let you control portions better.


  1. hey slim- i'm enjoying the blogs...makes me think...- r.

  2. NO RUNNING AWAY FROM THE GYM DOES NOT COUNT, lol ... but I know the feeling.

    As you know I only became a gym rat again this year when I realized that I really needed to tighten some stuff up. It really does help, and the feeling (once you get over the initial pain) is amazing!

    I'm LOVING this blog so much! Keep it up ma!!!