Saturday, October 17, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Cookie Monster Eats Something Other Than A Cookie!!!

What a difference a day makes.  I swear a chick was WAY dedicated last evening upon finishing the first blog!  As I told you last night, I was starting the Cookie diet today.  My curiosity got the best of me and YOU KNOW I opened a pack!

They advertised it on GMA and I was excited!  This girl who they featured lost 13 dress sizes!  In six months!WHAT!?! 

Y'all know I'm gonna keep it real with y'all right?  Well I will tell you a chick felt like a prisoner looking at the prospect of parole!  The thing is you eat these 6 cookies during the course of the day.  No specific time, just whenever you get hungry.  Then you come home and have yourself a sensible dinner(i.e. a salad with maybe a 4 oz. piece of chicken).  I ran right out to GNC and purchased a starter box. 

Honey listen, I walked in there and let me tell you, the sales people see a fat person in GNC and they start running around you like you were spouting blood coming in the ER!  No way you could possibly navigate your way around the store alone.

I got home and had two of the cookies.  The taste is just below ok, but my greedy ass is thinking - girl this is a damn cookie!  So the fact that he put this formula in a cookie blows me away and causes me to stick with it...until about 3 am.  Child listen...whatever is in the cookie makes you crave drink water.  You DO know as a big person sometimes we confuse the signal that say "I'm thirsty" for "I am hungry,"right? 

I made my way to the kitchen and looked at 2 spring rolls I failed to consume 2 nights ago.  When you have food addiction, you will mentally spar with yourself for your right to eat what you're longing for.  I reasoned with myself..."it's nothing but veggies! shouldn't be wasteful!...
Do you remember the old school excuse? "There are kids starving in Africa!" or "I'll just have one...I know I already had one, but I need to remove the temptation!"  I ate 2 spring rolls and took my fat ass back to bed.  DAMN! 

Well here goes nothing!  I emerge from my California King bed (just a mattress on the floor, I wanted this bed to make me feel smaller!) and I take my liquid B12 shot right in my stomach.  (Oh yeah, desperation will push one to do many things.)  I took my 2 morning pills, the appetite suppressant then the vitamin.  I am going to the gym.  I joined Planet Fitness at the end of September to kill any excuses.  Lucille Roberts was okay, but women are way too catty to take turns working out.  You have to "sign up" for a machine, then wait.  On top of that, they close way too early.  So this was my excuse for not going and I was basically tithing my $20 a month.  Now at Planet Fitness, 5 days a week they are 24 hours, and Saturday and Sunday they are 7am-7pm.

After I finish this blog, I am going to the gym.  I reallydo like it.  Once there, I do what I must.  Put on my Zune and I am gone, in a zone.  I LOVE to dance.  *Do what you it til' you satisfied!  So still eating my second cookie and drinking this water. Back in the saddle again!

Disclaimer - * I don't mean eat!  Go out and save your life!

Love & Light,

Renee Michele

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